Navigating Forward

Navigating Tech for Humanity: Benson Miller

January 27, 2021 The Human Impact Studio Season 1 Episode 3
Navigating Forward
Navigating Tech for Humanity: Benson Miller
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Benson is a hands-on technology leader with a strong history leading teams and building systems.  He's had experience in large companies, in consulting, and with multiple startups. He's spent significant portions of his career in Financial Services, Telecommunications, and Aerospace. With his role at Launch Consulting, he is the responsible for technology solutions for large clients in Healthcare, Manufacturing, and Travel & Leisure.

At the crossroads of uncertainty & opportunity, how do you Navigate Forward? This podcast focuses on making smart choices in a rapidly changing world. We investigate the challenges of being at a crossroads (societal, business, & personal) and finding the opportunities that arise out of disruption. Listen in on future-forward conversations with the brightest luminaries, movers, and shakers. We dig into topics such as elevating the human experience, evolution of business, workforce of the future, and fascinating technologies powering the age of digital transformation. Let’s Navigate Forward together and create what’s next!

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